428 Buck$ N’ Seats

There are 428 seats in The Hartt School’s main performance space, Millard Auditorium.  As part of an initiative to make much-needed (and long-overdue) renovations to the venue, The Hartt School is holding a 2-day initiative on 4/27 and 4/28, called “428 Buck$ N’ Seats”.  The main goal is to get 428 donations, of any size–$1.00, $5.00, $10,000.00–over the course of Thursday 4/27 and Friday 4/28.

You can donate now, of course, and anytime Friday, too.  To donate, please use this link:


Please share this on your social media networks, as the number of donors is the main focus, not the amount per donation.

Why donate?

The Hartt School is a leading performing arts conservatory, but our facilities are an area in need of growth.  We are currently renovating many teaching spaces, halls, practice rooms, and other facilities, but we want this venture to be a shared journey.  The top-notch students, faculty, and staff at Hartt deserve performance halls that can do us proud when we host visiting ensembles; our orchestras, wind ensembles, and choirs; and our dance and theatre productions.  Help us make this conservatory’s facilities do justice to the art made there.

For more information on The Hartt School, please visit http://www.hartford.edu/hartt/

For more information on Millard Auditorium, please visit http://www.hartford.edu/hartt/resources/spaces-facilities/fuller.aspx




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