What IS a composer?

What is a composer?  One gives the simple answer first: a composer is someone who writes music.  Simple enough, but there's more meat to that.  I think there are other qualities that define what a composer is, and so here's a short list of my thoughts.  I highly encourage you to contact me (Twitter, Facebook, leave... Continue Reading →

Tool #23: Active Listening

Good music makers are also good music listeners.  Some people intuitively soak up information and internalize it naturally, while others struggle to decipher it and analyze its components.  But, no matter where you lie on the spectrum of gifted/struggling analysis, it never hurts to be a better listener. I grew up hearing about "active reading"--asking... Continue Reading →

Tool #22: Writing a Strong Melody

Firstly, why should one write melodies?  Even if one doesn't use melody in the "conventional" sense in one's pieces, the ability to write melodies is a good asset to have because: A sense of line helps the listener understand a piece and make connections or distinctions between musical events. Melodies are often the result of... Continue Reading →

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