David T. Bridges – This Fragmented Old Man

David T. Bridges's work This Fragmented Old Man fuses the energy of Elliott Carter, the rhythmic drive of Bela Bartok, and the harmonic fluidity of Igor Stravinsky to create an energetic, wild, slightly senile, and charming work based on the children's counting song "This Old Man"

Kyle Grimm – Pitchforks and Crow’s Feet

Kyle Grimm's music spans the gamut of media and instrumentation.  A double bassist and dance collaborator, he also has experience working with ensembles and other performers.  This is evident in his work "Pitchforks and Crow's Feet". The score can be found here: Pitchforks and Crow's Feet for Flute, Cello, and Bass. This work relies heavily... Continue Reading →

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