Tool #31: Expanding Your Rhythmic Arsenal

Expanding your rhythmic arsenal never hurts.  Whether you need a freer-sounding piece, a busier passage, a thematic variation, or a unique and catchy rhythm, here are some techniques to increase the rhythmic variety you're using and make your rhythms more interesting. Tie over the barline.  If you have a passage contained within three measures, consider... Continue Reading →

Is music school worth it?

If you're considering a career in music, you're probably thinking about going to music school or some sort of artistic trade school.  Music school is a lot of time, effort, and generally speaking, money to invest for a career that most likely won't pay large sums of money.  So, is music school worth it? -... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

Writer's block.  Most of us have hit it at some point.  When creativity is siphoned away, one knows it and it seems like an insurmountable impasse.  I have struggled with it at the worst of times--at the ends of pieces, in the middle of hectic semesters, and when project deadlines loom ever closer.  So, the... Continue Reading →

Tool #30: Pinterest (A brief guide)

Pinterest, the picture/pinboard social network, is growing extremely fast.  Its visual basis has made it popular across many diverse fields and demographic groups, and this visual appeal is a great tool for composers.  Like any other social network, it can be used to create buzz, share content, interact with audiences, and promote an individual or... Continue Reading →

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