Creating a Solid Composer Resume (Tool #38)

When one is searching for jobs, very often the first points of contact with potential employers are cover letters and resumes.  I figured I'd share some insight into how to build a resume that is solid, an approach based on my experience with successful resume building.  A good resume can lead to the next step... Continue Reading →

Question: What is the future of music’s sound?

I've spent some time considering our current situation regarding how music today sounds.  And, I still don't know the answer to what the future holds (it seems rather unpredictable even in the short term).  We all are debating and fervently discussing how to make art music more successful as a business, more accessible, more open,... Continue Reading →

A Checklist for Making Parts (Tool #37)

I have started making a lot of parts for finished pieces recently, so I figured I should share a version of my checklist that aims to ensure the best quality in an extracted part. Parts should be: Full of necessary and helpful information Clear in the instructions given Easy to read Visually pleasing Foolproof In... Continue Reading →

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