10 Ways to Be a Better Collaborator (Tool #36)

I have had the fortune to work in many successful collaborations with great collaborators, and these experiences have given me perspective and time to observe the nature of good collaborators.  The ratio of my projects with good collaborators to projects with sub-par collaborators has been high, maybe somewhere in the range of 3 to 1... Continue Reading →

Is “Conceptual Art” Music?

There's a large chance that most of you reading this blog know something about conceptual art.  For example, "perform a disciplined action" or "draw a straight line and follow it" focus on concept--an abstract idea or formulation of the mind.  Some of these concepts are quite interesting, and many are provocative or even controversial. I... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About You: Lose the Ego

Art isn't a glorification of the creator.  In my view, art stands alone, a creation that speaks of truth or some sort of coherence that transcends the limits of  understanding.  In other words, it's about the art, and not about the artist.  While it's often spectacular that a human being can create works of art,... Continue Reading →

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