What’s wrong with having a day job?

Ideally, everyone could make a living doing what they love.  This would mean that musicians could make a living doing solely music, for 100% of the time they would spend if they had a job in an office, on a construction site, or in a laboratory.  But, the worldwide economy is in the doldrums, and... Continue Reading →

Tool #33: Know Your Audience

It's inevitable: we all will write different music for different audiences.  Whether we'd prefer all our music to be heard only by professors, or people in bars, or moviegoers, it is unavoidable that our music will be heard by different people, and particularly, different groups of people.  So, one key issue in the inception of... Continue Reading →

Tool #32: Use Plugins Wisely

Lately I have been using Logic more because I have been doing a bit of incidental and film trailer work.  Logic, like all other major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), offers a breadth of tools to maximize possibilities and enable the user to create precisely fine-tuned sounds.  However, all of this possibility can lead to overuse. One essential... Continue Reading →

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