Tool #28: Collaboration Webpages

I'd like to share a tool I've developed that's useful for collaboration.  If you have a website (and this would even work on a blog such as one hosted on WordPress), use that webspace to devote an entire page to a collaboration. What this entails: Create a webpage and send a link to it to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Push Kids to the Limit

There is one thing that has been irking me as I observe music teachers at my job, and especially as a person who has anxiety issues: teachers and parents need to stop pushing kids to the limit. It's good to push kids, to direct and shape their growth, but those in the teaching and parenting... Continue Reading →

Tool #27: Finding a Good Workflow

I recently started a project where I'm getting paid (roughly) by the hour for composing.  I have therefore started keeping a log of my composing time, and it has really helped me scrutinize my composing workflow and habits.  I have sharpened my view on how I compose--how I plan, sketch, write, revise, etc.--by doing this... Continue Reading →

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