Tool #19: Silence

Silence is an integral component of sound.  Without silence, there would be less contrast in the realm of sound, and music would be a completely different thing.  I'm not looking to get into a Cageian discussion of what music is compared to sound or the virtues of having silence in today's world, but I'd like... Continue Reading →

Tool #18: Make Music When You Write Music

Here's a quick tip for when you're in the process of composing, that helps no matter how your composing habit usually goes: Make music when you write music. What do I mean?  When you're at your instrument and you're composing, make music on that instrument.  When you're at the computer plugging in notes, hum and... Continue Reading →

Context in the Concert Setting

My seventh grade English teacher told us one day that she thought all books should have black covers, with just the title and author on it.  Why?  Because the imagery provided by a cover defines the inception of what we think the book is about.  How can you judge a book by its cover, or... Continue Reading →

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