Form Should Always Be a Top Priority

I'm a huge proponent of taking care with form in a piece.  Too often I see pieces that suddenly switch sections jarringly, unnecessarily, and disjointedly, to the point of rendering the listener lost, clueless, and unnecessarily startled for no reason.  Disjunct form is great for theatrical and dance works because it is often subject to... Continue Reading →

Genres: Necessary or Too Divisive?

It seems that we have a myriad of genres that demand audiences' attention, and while it is good that we celebrate a host of different musics, I have reservations about this multiplicity of genres.  At times it feels like the borders separating these genres of pop, classical, jazz, world, etc. and all of their sub-genres... Continue Reading →

Tool #24: Asymmetric and Mixed Meters

Now I'd like to talk about two (really one in my use of them) of my favorite compositional devices: asymmetric and mixed meters.  The goals I use them for are throwing rhythms off, motivic development, and playing around with perception of beats and time. My main use of them: Asymmetric and mixed meters can be... Continue Reading →

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