Antonio D’Amato – Körper

Antonio D'Amato's fixed audio media piece "Körper" is a fascinating experience in timbre and sonic palette.  From his abstract: "Technically speaking the composition uses exclusively a short audio recording of a MRI test. A large number of processes and signal elaboration modules are applied in order to subdue the crude audio sample to the compositional... Continue Reading →

Aaron Mencher -“Uncertainly Yours”

Composer Aaron Mencher's work "Uncertainly Yours" is a very cohesive work that relies on intervallic tightness, but is extremely fluid and athematic.  Please download his score to follow along with this analysis. Here is the audio: The piece begins with the unifying interval that holds this piece tightly together, despite its arhythmicism and themelessness.  The... Continue Reading →

Concert Tonight – Livestream link!

Hi All, I am currently at the University of Nebraska at Kearney New Music Festival, along with composers such as Matthew Kennedy, and my piece "Bleak Friday" for marimba and fixed media is going to be performed at 7:30pm CST (8:30pm EST) tonight.  Here is the live stream link, if you want to view the... Continue Reading →

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