428 Buck$ N’ Seats

There are 428 seats in The Hartt School's main performance space, Millard Auditorium.  As part of an initiative to make much-needed (and long-overdue) renovations to the venue, The Hartt School is holding a 2-day initiative on 4/27 and 4/28, called "428 Buck$ N' Seats".  The main goal is to get 428 donations, of any size--$1.00,... Continue Reading →

Aya SB – Coalescence

Aya Shimano-Bardai's notes in the abstract for the piece "Coalescence": "Coalescence (2016) is a seven minutes and thirty seconds long acousmatic stereo piece. The compositional structure delves into the transitions between contrasted sonic spaces – open and clustered, distant and close, sharp and mild, etc – by underlining its varied acoustic elements. Mainly based on... Continue Reading →

Antonio D’Amato – Körper

Antonio D'Amato's fixed audio media piece "Körper" is a fascinating experience in timbre and sonic palette.  From his abstract: "Technically speaking the composition uses exclusively a short audio recording of a MRI test. A large number of processes and signal elaboration modules are applied in order to subdue the crude audio sample to the compositional... Continue Reading →

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