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Hauschka – “Curious”

Hauschka’s work “Curious” is just that – a curious piano piece that explores differences in shade, tone, and complexity.

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Living with hope and mental illness

It has been a while since I posted on mental illness.  Here is my recollection of a doctor visit on 10/17/18 (this post will auto-publish on 10/18/18).

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UNIFONY & Mathias Eick – “Hunt”

With a lilting, beautiful, if a little haunting, trumpet melody over a jazz combo backing, UNIFONY & Mathias Eick’s track “Hunt” is a track that stirs emotions of loneliness, melancholy, and a certain inner calm.

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Reddening West – “Inverness”

Reddening West’s composition “Inverness” works well as just a piece for guitar, but is brought even more alive by a well-orchestrated mix of strings, electronics, and a hint of voices.

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Folke Nikanor – “Under Stenarna (Below the stones)”

“Under Stenarna (Below the stones)” by Folke Nikanor is a track that develops slowly, allowing for an even greater catharsis than similar compositions in the genre of art/popular music fusion.

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Alexandra Stréliski – “Overturn”

Alexandra Stréliski’s work “Overturn” is a modern take on a classical piano sonata, imbued with a film-score like sense of spaciousness and performed with graceful phrasing.

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The Ollie West Band – “Home”

Blending orchestral impressionism with lush jazz and lyrical indie rock/pop, the track “Home” by The Ollie West Band creates a sense of beauty that is elegant and authentic.

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