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New album under way

In my absence from reviewing music, I have played a lot of cleanup with my musical life.

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Blake Mills

Blake Mills – “Look” – Music Review

“Look” by Blake Mills is an enchanting tour through diverse galaxies of sound.

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Automatic Ape – “Dundra”

“Dundra” by Automatic Ape is a grooving, percussive hard rock tune that pounds the listener with reverb and tone.

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RJ Pasin

RJ Pasin – “Balance”

“Balance” by RJ Pasin is a dream-like soundscape fusing ambient music with a sense of activity not usually found in atmospheric music.

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Milana Zilnik

Milana Zilnik – “Winter Tale”

“Winter Tale” by Milana Zilnik is a flowing, gentle painting of a winter landscape, full of windswept fields, snowy evenings, and setting suns.

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Luigi Casabona

Luigi Casabona – “I racconti di Canterbury”

“I racconti di Canterbury” by Luigi Casabona is a film score-like journey rich with melody and wonderfully performed.

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Sibelius Music Notation Software Review

Sibelius music notation software is revered as one of the easiest to use and most popular programs out there.  To test whether it held up to its reputation, I decided to give it a spin.  Many thanks to Avid for allowing me to try out Sibelius | Ultimate.  But, my review is not influenced by this trial; you get only my honest opinions.

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