“Runaway Rockaway” – Glossii

Glossii’s tune Runaway Rockaway features a strong mix between vernacular indie and punk, without sacrificing quality of sound, musicianship, or instrumental/vocal skill.

Not only are the instruments and vocals strong, but the mix is not overly busy nor weak.  The chorus is memorable, yet the tune as a whole is not a simple “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” structure.  The bridge is an interesting landscape of multiple voices, leading up to a final chorus that energizes the listener without being thrash-like.

A modernized punk/indie tune, this work makes one sit back and enjoy the ride without having to put up with out of tune or watered-down musicianship; this is welcome to me.  As a result, the song is fun, without being simple.

Check it out!  The player is below.

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