UPDATE: I am happy to announce that this Budget Calculator is now available for free here!

Hi All,

As a musicians, most of us rely on a wide variety of income sources that allow us to cobble together a living.  Some of us shed different jobs as we unify our income streams and duties, while others prefer a more open path.  Regardless of your income stream(s), we all need to budget our finances.

That is why I have made a budget calculator free to anyone who wants to use it, musician or non-musician.  All you have to do is subscribe to the blog via email, and I will email you a copy of it!

I am happy to announce that this sheet is now available for free here!  I encourage you to subscribe to the blog, but you no longer have to in order to use the Budget Calculator.

This spreadsheet allows you to calculate your monthly income, from hourly, weekly, monthly, stipend, salary, or other ways of getting paid.  It then allows you to list your expenses, and lets you know where you stand on a monthly basis.  If you have excess money, you can focus on certain other parts of your budget.  If your expenses exceed your income, you can use this tool to find out your income/expenses balance.

I must say that I am not a financial planner.  I am not a tax professional.  I cannot guarantee any financial success for you, nor do I claim to.  All I can say is that I have created and used calculators like these to “stay afloat”, and this spreadsheet is my best work yet.

By the way, did I mention that it is free?  All you have to do is subscribe!  This sheet is now available for free here!