Gísli Magnússon – Svartifoss

It seems more and more that Iceland is becoming a haven for new music and new sounds in Hartford, CT.  From the influence of Bjork to the Hartt School's international collaborations, the music of Iceland is seeping deeper into the Hartford area.  Gísli Magnússon's piece Svartifoss depicts a waterfall in his native Iceland, and is... Continue Reading →

Fernando Laub – Universes

Fernando Laub's Universes is a fixed-media 8 channel (that has an alternate, stereo mix) piece that is based upon three sets of drawings.  Take a listen to it below, and read the program notes and description at this link. However, it is not the concept or precise formal structure that I wish to illuminate here. ... Continue Reading →

Beat Painter

I was approached by the makers of Beat Painter to take a look into their web application.  Beat Painter is an intriguing take on the old concept of a music visualizer.  Borrowing from various visual artists, and coupling this with an innovative and modern way of realizing and operating (eg. using your computer's microphone, and... Continue Reading →

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