Prelude to February 2018

Prelude to February 2018 – Upcoming Posts on Composer’s Toolbox

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With many major award seasons closing in springtime, it’s time to take a hard look at competitions and score calls. February will spend a lot of time going over them, individually and as a broad movement.

Composer’s toolbox has a new look! The less text-heavy style illuminates posts better and isn’t as boxed in as before. The font size and reduced clutter improve readability.

I am starting a repository of my sheet music, all available for free. It’s really small at the moment. Check out the Free Sheet Music page to download. I am doing this because at this point in my career I prefer performances over my erratic musician income. (I’m very fortunate to have a steady-income day job.)

Click here for the free sheet music page.  It now features my sight reading method book for guitarists!

Oh… and I promise more photos of Composer Cat. Check us out on Instagram @comptoolbox

Happy Composing!


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