New Desk Setup

I noticed that my mixes were increasingly bass-heavy, even though my studio monitors are notorious for having little bass.  I attributed this to them not being at the right height.  In order to save money, I used two shoeboxes full of paper as stands for my monitors, and I now have a flat-response mix when I play back music.

In addition, my second monitor (computer screen) was not being used much because it was much higher than my laptop, to the point of being higher than is comfortable to look.  I moved it off its platform and to the right of my laptop.

I also needed access to my audio interface, better lighting, and I still needed to keep my modem on my desk for optimal WiFi distribution throughout the apartment.  The two prior fixes allowed me to have better access to the interface, hide the modem without sacrificing placement, and have access to my lamp.

So, win-win-win?  We’ll see.  For now, I think I will have better use of my studio monitors and second screen.  Here is a look of my new desk layout.


What are your thoughts?  Ways to improve on a shoestring (read: nonexistent) budget?



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