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Sight Reading Exercises for Guitarists

The goal of this book is to provide a large volume of exercises that guitar teachers can use to help students gain facility with reading music. This book is not intended to teach sight reading. It is only meant to make a guitar teacher’s job of teaching students how to sight read easier. Therefore, this book is flexible, expandable, and limitless. For example, a guitar teacher could have the student only clap out the rhythms of an exercise. Or, the teacher could have the student write in the letter names below the staff. Alternatively, the teacher could ask the student to put a rest in the place of every high G, or write in key signatures or accidentals. The goal of this book is to merely provide an aid to the teacher, not to teach the student sight reading without the aid of a teacher. This book is thus adaptable to the needs of students because the teacher can use this however s/he pleases.

The order of exercises in this book is progressive. Some topics are not covered in this book because it is assumed that once a student has mastered the exercises in this book they will be advanced enough to learn new sight reading markings as they appear in their other guitar repertoire (eg. pitches at the twelfth fret and higher, asymmetric time signatures, large tuplets, etc.).

These examples are non-musical. This is intentional, so as to build pure sight reading skills and not a reliance on other pre-developed areas (eg. ear, fingering, guessing, etc.).

Each line is numbered, and many exercises begin with a time signature and end with a final barline. This is done to give flexibility as to how the teacher wants to divide up the work.

This book was written by Dan Lis in 2014.

This book is copyrighted. Please do not copy or distribute this. Instead, teachers should have your student purchase this for use with you in lesson and as homework.

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Book available for purchase here

Composed by Dan Lis, composer, teacher, guitarist, and writer: