Bench – Conner Simmons

I encourage you to check out “Bench” by Conner Simmons, from the album Guymon, Oklahoma.  The sound design aspects of the work are cloudy, atmospheric, but not poorly mixed–the ambience constructed is no accident of mixing or mastering.  Interspersed with beeps and ping-pong synth sounds, the clouds give way to a steady pulse at roughly the halfway mark.

Clearly a descendant of modern and modal jazz, this work is relaxing, but fascinating, to explore as a listener.  I encourage you, while listening, to actively explore the texture and mix, and ponder the consequences of the choices the composer has made.  For example, what are the consequences of the interruptions that sound like a record skipping?  How does that impact the form?  Does it jarr the flow too much?  Or, is it a refreshment of the texture?

Take a listen!

The link to the album is:


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