Here are the results of my first week with Dorico (crossgrade from Finale), in between work and family obligations.

Buy Dorico here: Crossgrade|Educational |Retail

Step 1: Write Mode: getting used to it slowly but surely.  My biggest takeaway: the caret rules all!

Step 2: Play Mode: quickly discovered that I need to defer to my East/West sounds, so:

Step 3: Export as XML and import into Logic: worked swimmingly!

Here’s the final result.

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5 thoughts on “#Dorico!

  1. Dear Dan,

    Thanks for this. I read all your blogging and live it. Thanks for all you do!

    Now, I have a question: why are you leaving Finale???

    Thanks for your answer!


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Micah,
      Thank you for the comment! I’m not leaving Finale quite yet–in fact I’m still planning on keeping it around in my work. I am much too familiar with it. But, it seems that MakeMusic are not as concerned with rebuilding antiquated presets, code, and purposes. While Dorico is not the answer at the moment, it is my hope that with more development and popularity it can be the replacement that Finale could have been if its code were completely rebuilt. It sounds like I’m quoting Steinberg here, but Finale really is Photoshop for music, in both the good and bad ways. Music notation software has so many more possibilities in ease of use, time saved, modern notation, and quality of product, to name a few. Dorico has, so far in my limited experience, showed promise in those areas. Maybe this is the “kick in the butt” that MakeMusic need.

  2. A. Connor Parr

    I am a high school junior, and have been composing music with Finale for the past year and a half. I still haven’t gotten a full grasp of the software, and yes, I agree that Finale is frustrating at times…but I don’t know of any other notation software that makes it so simple to create sheet music. So, Dan, what would you suggest?


    1. Hi Connor,
      For now, Finale or Sibelius are the “laws of the land” for most of us. I just see how much potential Dorico has for composers, producers, and engravers, and since it has been around for a while and has been tested (and is getting even better) it is the right time for me to start transitioning, before fully “jumping ship”.

      If you’re getting used to Finale, get proficient with it over the next year or two. Get to know everything from basic note entry to page formatting to text to graphics, playback, etc. At that point, you will be in a great place to decide if it’s the program that is right for you. Finale will continue to be around, so it is still an option.

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