Founders Day Challenge

Hi All,

The University of Hartford is holding its annual Founders Day Challenge today and tomorrow (February 20 and 21).

The goal is to raise money to impact the lives of University of Hartford students.  As a graduate of The Hartt School and a staff member at the Hartt Community Division, I know just how much funding for student study impacts the lives of students.  Without my scholarships, I likely would not have been able to attend Hartt and become the composer I am today.

I have donated $10.00.  That may seem like only a little, but if 1,000 donors donate between today (2/20) and tomorrow (2/21), there will be a gift of $75,000.00 from a generous donor.

Please consider donating, even if it is $1.00.  If we can reach the 1,000 donor goal and unlock the $75,000.00, it would make student study at the University even more vibrant. You can even specify to which division or fund you wish your donation to go (eg. The Hartt School, or the Hartt Community Division).

Here is the link:



Founders Day Challenge
Founders Day Challenge

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