Finale Version 25 – Project Progress

As noted in my last post about this, my current work centers around engraving the score of an orchestral work composed in Finale version 25. So far I have 6 pages engraved, with 3 more pages of music and 2 more pages of cover/title information (the cover and inside cover will be made in Microsoft Word).

Finale Version 25: First large project

I wanted to provide this score so we can evaluate the areas that need engraving. Here is a laundry list of things that need to be changed. You can go through the score and see how chaotic things are pre-engraving, and how much work needs to be done to make the music playable.

The Importance of Paper

I write a lot about technology here. But there is no technology more important to a composer than paper. Whether one uses pen or pencil, the use of paper is integral to one's development as a beginning composer and as an advanced one.

Composing for the Organ

“Now that you’ve completed your comp degree, some advice: really, write for whatever you want. Except, well, for the organ. Don’t write for that… it’s impossible to figure it out.” A friend once told me his comp professor (at a mid-west school that will remain unnamed…) rather unceremoniously offered this as advice. Being an organist,... Continue Reading →

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