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Finale Version 25 – Project Progress

Hi All,

Here is a link to my latest efforts using Finale 25 on a project.

a cold sorrow, a warm sorrow_2_engraved – Transposed Score

As noted in my last post about this, my current work centers around engraving the score of an orchestral work composed in Finale version 25.

So far I have 6 pages engraved, with 3 more pages of music and 2 more pages of cover/title information (the cover and inside cover will be made in Microsoft Word).

There were two main problems I encountered.  Firstly, tremolo markings were always resetting themselves to strange positions when used on whole notes.  To counterbalance this weird automatic bug, I created 2 tremolo markings: one for notes with stems and one for notes without stems.  I made the marking without stems set to a position default of “manual” so I could drag them anywhere I wanted to, without the strange resetting bug.  I used the marking for notes with stems as a regular tremolo marking (with regular automatic positioning).

The second problem was spacing and collisions.  I spent a lot of time fixing as many collisions as possible, although I had to get a bit creative when there were large slurs, hairpins, dynamics, and high-register instruments.  Take a look particularly at the flutes and violins; they make this a tough job.  I wonder how Dorico would handle all these collisions.

I also had to manually reshape slurs to make them look more presentable,  and do a lot of aligning of dynamics, hairpins, slurs, and trills.  That was a painstaking, time-consuming process.  I may have to look into changing default positions so I don’t have to drag and re-drag everything.

One last note: a huge help to me when proofing this was saving the score as a PDF and then looking at the PDF on my computer screen.  This removed the colors that Finale uses, and allowed me to see in stark, black-and-white contrast, the inconsistencies, errors, and successes of my engraving.

Questions?  Comments?  Anything you think can be done better in this engraving?  The piece is not finished until the score and parts are created and ready for real, live players.




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