Hi All,

My latest exploration of Dorico, a deeper look and learning of Write mode, is complete.  My work “Variations on Hartford (3 Preludes for Piano)” is finished.

The full score can be downloaded here.

As you can see, I was able to quickly translate the notes in my head to notation (7+ minutes in a couple weeks or so).  I typically work fast and I am glad Dorico was able to accommodate my style and pace.  In fact, I was able to manipulate graphic and textual elements easier and much quicker.  The score layout and pagination are also much easier to create and work better out of the box than any other program have used for music notation.

So far, so good!  Time for a Finale v. 25 test?  Maybe that will be my next project!  Anyone want me to take the Sibelius free trial to fuel my notation obsession (haha, but half serious)?