Update – A Checklist for Making Parts

Hi All,

I just wanted to give a quick update that tool #37, A Checklist for Making Parts (Tool #37), now has its checklist in PDF format!  Here is the checklist; feel free to download and use for all your part-making needs!

Parts Checklist



One thought on “Update – A Checklist for Making Parts

  1. Philip Thrift

    Thanks for this, Dan. Too often, this aspect is totally ignored – the composition is finished at last, quickly click on and… what a mess! You can set many features, but instrumental parts do require manual input at the end to get them right. How often have I had impossible page turns, or (and this is very common) parts spread over 3 or 4 pages which easily fit on 2! (Real pain for band musicians playing outside on windy days!) Or just one line on the final page! Perhaps a point easily overlooked by composers who do not play in an orchestra or band.

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