Blogging is back!

Hi All,

After two weeks of intense other work, Composer’s Toolbox is up and running again.  In short, the past two weeks have been spent:

  1. In all-day meetings with my (now former) coworkers, after accepting a job offer and giving my two weeks notice at my previous workplace
  2. Getting on board with my new job
  3. Finding a new place to live
  4. Cleaning the roaches out of my current place (we are very clean people; perhaps that is why they persist?)
  5. Adjusting to my new schedule
  6. Finishing Act I of my new work, an opera

So, things are a bit calmer at the moment.  I can’t promise how much I will be able to post going forward, but here I am for the moment.

Here’s to many more discussions with you!




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