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Surrogate Sibling – “Tellur”

“Tellur” by Surrogate Sibling blends Renaissance-style polyphony, postminimalism, and a gentle use of electronics to create a fascinatingly simple work that is at the same time quite complex.The vocal lines in the work, whether alternating between one another or in homophony, are sung beautifully and with clarity.  The strings and piano introduced give a sense of acoustic performance, but the electronic elements deepen this and bring out a more modern, popular-feeling tune without becoming saccharine.  Indeed, the tone is more or less dark, but not very dark–perhaps more stoic or detached than dark (now that I think about it).

It is fascinating to listen to how early music is being more and more incorporated into the fold of new art music.  I am excited by this work, not just because of its merits, but because I hope it is representative of the kind and quality of art more composers are producing.