“Twentysomething” – Funk Dancing For Self Defence

The band Funk Dancing For Self Defence’s new-grunge tune “Twentysomething” is a glorious fusion of 90s grunge, 2000s punk, and modern hard rock that gives a dirty, uncut, but beautiful assessment of living as a twenty-something-year-old.  Singing of laziness, addiction/substances, depression, and other bad influences, it goes beyond what most would turn into a simple attack on people my age.  Instead, it talks about messing up, suffering, and falling down.  Sometimes you just need a song about falling down, and you can save the getting-back-up for another song.  This song talks about the beautiful stupor we all can get into when we’re down in the dumps, and it does it with style and (dare I say it, amidst all the gritty distortion in the guitars) finesse.

Take a listen!

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