“Hold On” – Caezar

I have already featured another track by Caezar on this blog (see CAEZAR – Waiting), and I was looking forward to hearing this track too as a result.

“Hold On” by Caezar features a dance-like beat, fused with synths reminiscent of the 80s and Ed Sheeran-like voices.  Unlike Mr. Sheeran, Caezar has a lighter, less boxy approach to its mixing, and the singing is lighter and less ornamented.  The result is a refreshing tune that makes one sway, but is not necessarily a dance tune nor a contemplative work.  The track boasts a seemingly simple nature, but under-the-hood it is subtly mixed and expertly timed.  The result is a not-too-pop-like tune that is still accessible, and also just melancholy enough to keep you hooked.  I think you will enjoy it in many contexts–not necessarily on a dance floor.

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