“Wanderer” – Nay Shalom

“Wanderer” by Nay Shalom is a reflective piece that would fit well accompanied by film.  The composer writes:

Already available to the wide world as of the 31st August, ‘Wanderer’ was composed and produced quite quickly in my London bedroom after a visit to Latvia back in May 2018. Inspired by a close friend and her ability to cut loose all strings and roots to home, this piece is aimed to relax and encourage reflection. Released as part of a compilation album by Sonder House, Wanderer is track 12. Grab a hot drink and enjoy.

The piece does warrant a hot drink; the scene is cold and crystalline, but not bleak.  Short and fleeting, the track fades the piano out, leaving an ending with just synths/voices.  This is an unusual way to fade, and it is quite effective.  It is also worth noting that the atmosphere of this tune is not created with excessive amounts of reverb, which is also welcome.

Take a listen!

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