“Memorabilia” – Love and Other Emotions

I usually do not spring for this kind of track, but the simply titled “Memorabilia” is surprisingly refreshing, a breath of fresh air in the extensive pool of emotive and meditative instrumental/electronic-fusion works.  Like other works of its kind, it has tags like “Hans Zimmer” and “Enya”, which can be polarizing, but regardless I gave it a shot and I enjoy it.

The lush soundscape; the deep, bass-heavy mix; and the subtle flow of the structure lend themselves easily to meditation.  Avoiding the typical loop-based trap, the composer has striven to write something without endless repetition; in fact, it doesn’t end at a completely silent place (this may be intentional or not, but it works fine for me).

The composer states they wish to elicit emotions throughout one’s body with this track, and while many may feel emotions, I felt an inner stillness, a peace, a quietness.  To me that is the most profound emotion there is, and so while this track is not going to win a Pulitzer, it can stir–or quiet–something within the listener.

Take a listen via the player below.

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