“Summer In The City” – Aaron Taos

Aaron Taos’s “Summer In The City” is a bit of a divergence from the typical songs featured here.  I selected this one for publication because it draws from a more hip-hop background musically, and talks about an urban environment.  While I really enjoy old-school hip-hop, I only rarely mention it here and I think this is an interesting introduction on the blog.  So, here is me talking about alternative/hip-hop music in admittedly the least hip-hop way haha:

The use of music concrete and the pulsating chordal structures are reminiscent of the early hip-hop masters and mid-century classical avant-garde.  Yet, this cityscape transcends these genres by using a lighter, more wavering voice type and a very slow beat for these types of phrases.  This brings about an alternative flair that is refreshing, and, while a bit idiosyncratic, is unique in a very good way.  At first disconcerting, the music and airy voice relax you into a sense of gentle flow, much like the buzz of a city weighed down by the heat and humidity of summer.

I encourage you to lean back, relax in the chair in your apartment, and hear the city bustling around you.

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