“Piano Form II” – Jesse Woolston

Jesse Woolston’s Piano Form II is a fascinating blend of sounds reminiscent of Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes, Cowell’s experiments within the piano, and avant-garde electronic soundscapes.  The result is an edgy, but not quite bleak, impression of a piano from the inside-out, fused with and perpetuated by low bass sub-tones, subtle interspersed cricketing, and a sul-ponticello-like fingernail rubbing on a wound piano string.

However, the experimental nature of the work is by no means abrasive or off-putting.  Despite the darkness, it never feels dark, just a starry night at dusk.  The meditative atmosphere doesn’t rely on loops, and thereby achieves a much better meditation than most loop-based attempts.

Overall, it fits the album cover while at the same time surpassing the grayscale hues of the image; this is more colorful than it seems.

Take a listen!

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