“Breath of an Elephant” – Nadav Cohen

Nadav Cohen’s work “Breath of an Elephant” is about, in the composer’s words, “Attempting to create the feeling of a sunrise in Winter”.  I must say that this track accomplishes that quite well.

Starting off as a melancholy, muted piano line, the track begins cold, gray, and hushed.  The sound design creeps in, in the form of increasingly present reverberation.  The beauty of this track is highlighted around the midway point, where the reverb cascades through one’s speakers and glimmers like sunlight beaming over wooden, snowy hills.

One is transported into this winter scene, watching the day go on as the track rises and subsides.  A short track, it seems that this artist has much potential to create even larger soundscapes.  I look forward to hearing more of their work.

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