I Wanna be a Machine – Punk Rock Opera

I was introduced to this track from Punk Rock Opera, called “I Wanna be a Machine”.  It reminds me of my masters thesis, which was a rock requiem mass.

The vocal writing and song structure work really well.  The fusion of rock, quasi-postmodern-opera, theatrical forms and structures, and sound design really make the track come to life.  I especially enjoy the guitar tones and the groove in the song.  I haven’t gone through all of the albums on the band’s bandcamp, but what I love about the album from which this track originates is the fusion of storytelling and country/blues/mid-western rock, which makes for convincing art that is worth digging into.  The only issue I hear is that the tracks could use a bit more presence in the mix; this may be something that a re-mastering could take care of.

The album, Punk Rock Opera Vol. II, is worth listening to end-to-end, but it also is great one song at a time (i.e. each song stands alone musically).  For more information on the opera from which is taken, here is a super succinct summary.

“The year is 1918 and this is the story of one girl, a woman who will change the heart of rock and roll for decades to come. This is Punk Rock Opera Vol. II


released July 25, 2018

“If only the greatest musicians were allowed to play, the world would be silent”

Story Tellers.

Mac Cagle, Narrator, Various Characters, Guitar, Harmonica
Jose Ramirez, Bass
Nacho Vasquez, Drums
Katie Kaudse, Honeybee”

I highly recommend you check out the artist and their work!

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