CAEZAR – Waiting

CAEZAR’s new track Waiting is full of great production value, a crisp, clean sound, adept vocals, effective but not grandiose instrumental background, and a sense of “punch”.

At first, I was a bit skeptical with the opening: a series of reversed and modified sung notes.  However, once the verse comes in you can stop suspending your disbelief.  This song grooves without being too emphatic, and is relaxed but not blase.

The track features a chorus that will stick in your head forever.  The harmonization of the repeated “‘Cause I’ve been waiting…” is infectious and clear sounding, without being annoying.  It is interesting to hear the intersection of the different singers in the chorus and verses, whether they are interjecting tones, being created by delay effects, or just filling out a chord or dyad.  I particularly enjoy the female voice in the bridge; it is light but not lacking substance.

Check it out!

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