Dorico 2 is out!

Even though I’m not ready or able to invest in another software upgrade, I wanted to spread the word that Steinberg’s Dorico music notation software has had its version 2 released.  This is a wide set of improvements and additional features, which maybe one day I will try out if I run into some extra cash, but for now I will ask the musical community for their feedback on it.  Hit me up at!

For now, here is what you need to know:

Dorico 2

Two Editions

There are now two editions: Elements and Pro.  You can find the list of features side-by-side here:



Full version: $99.99

Education version: $69.99


Full version: $559.99

Crossgrade from Finale or Sibelius: $279.99

Update from Dorico (original edition): $99.99

Upgrade from Dorico Elements 2: $449.99

Education version, full: $329.99

Education version, crossgrade from Finale or Sibelius: $159.99

Big selling points as advertised

Music for film, video, and media (egs. score to picture, large time signatures)

Increased resemblance to a DAW (digital audio workstation) (eg. automation)

Music for vernacular styles (rock, pop, jazz) (egs. rhythm slashes, bar repeats, handwritten font, repeats now play back)

User interface and experience upgrades

The big picture

These are just as advertised.  If you buy or upgrade to the product, send me your feedback at composers so I can hear how it really is, whether better, worse, or just the same as advertised!

Check it out at

Happy composing,


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