Music Notation Survey Reminder!

Hello everyone!

Just as a reminder, please complete this music notation software survey if you use music notation software.  This survey is run entirely by myself, so I can write more-informed blog posts here and help the musical community choose the best software for them.

This is not a corporate/software company-sponsored survey; I am running it just to hear what you have to say!



2 thoughts on “Music Notation Survey Reminder!

  1. Tim Roderick

    Hi Dan,

    I use Musescore and I have this installed on all the computers in my Music Dept at the school where I am Head of Music for the GCSE kids to use to learn music theory and to compose. I kind of combine this with Logic, if the kids have written in Logic with software instruments etc. I output a Music XML file (have to glue all the MIDI regions 1st) and then open that XML file in Musescore, remove the page breaks, fiddle around with the formatting – then do all the engraving on the shore in terms of dynamics / articulation etc.

    Musescore is an amazing freebie!!! Plus they keep on improving it all the time – only thing it’s missing is real-time keyboard input – with this it would be perfect!!!

    Hope this helps and keep up the great and informative work! 👍

    Sent from my iPhone Tim Roderick


    1. Hi Tim,
      Thank you for your feedback! This is helpful; have you submitted the Google Form in the post as well? Regardless, I appreciate your input and I wish you and your students the best!

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