What choice do you have? – Living with mental illness

If the goal of life is to hike the proverbial mountainside, then do we hike the mountain, or try to stop the flow of the river in the valley below?

Life can really suck sometimes, whether you have mental illness or not.

And, frankly, there is no way to get rid of all of the “suck” life has to offer.  There will always be an aspect of life that causes you suffering.

And, furthermore, the more you push back on suffering, the more power you give it, which exacerbates it.

But, you cannot ignore it either, as that will magnify it as well.

The solution?

Know that there is no complete solution.  You will never completely stop your suffering.  If your suffering is a flash flood careening down a mountain, you cannot stop the flood.

Unlike in real life, though, what you can do with suffering is to step to the side, and let the flood pass you by.  Yes, you will become splashed and feel spray, and perhaps get covered in water.  But you will stand still and realize that there is a whole mountainside to climb, and the flood is something you will always have to navigate if you want to hike this territory.

In other words, realize that even if you didn’t have the flood, you would still have a mountainside to climb.  Climb the mountainside, regardless of the size of your flood.

What choice do you have?  Do you climb the mountainside, or try to stop the flood so you can feel “ready” to climb the mountainside?

Either way, the goal is to climb the mountainside.  Either way, we will be splashed by our flood.  Either way, we all have a lot of climbing to do.

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