Yes, it’s 1am… #Dorico

In my latest exploration with Dorico, I have finally figured out how to make my East/West symphonic samples play nice with Dorico.  My hope is to be able to create more realistic realizations of my work before I input them to other DAWs.  In short, it took me all night to figure out I was doing the right things, in the wrong order.

My hope is to tweak fewer things in Logic when using symphonic instruments, allowing me to use a wider range of instruments in certain compositions instead of having to perfect the sample use of a few articulations.  My works generally fuse acoustic, electronic, and popular/electric instruments, so getting the acoustic part handled easier will save me time.

As you know, Finale now uses ReWire, so I will need to compare that to the built-in DAW in Dorico to see how the two approaches compare and contrast.

Anyways, it’s time for bed.

Happy composing,


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