Question – asking for responses!

Hi All,

What are your thoughts on composers either live-streaming and/or videotaping/screencasting their composing sessions?  Are they something worth watching?  Are they too invasive into our lives that are already seemingly broadcast everywhere?  Is it akin to any other YouTube video of a person playing video games or a guitarist covering tunes in their home studio?

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2 thoughts on “Question – asking for responses!

    1. I agree. I tried screen recording my composing one day last week, and it felt as if someone was watching over me. I felt like I couldn’t experiment with new ways of composing because I was “performing” my process. However, there are those who post their composing or practicing on YouTube. I wanted to see if I was not alone in trying it and deciding not to do it. In addition, I’m trying to be careful just how much of my life is documented online. Thanks for the comment!

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