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Brianna Drevlow – David’s Run

Brianna Drevlow’s piece “David’s Run” is a soundscape-turned-nightmare, depicting a recurring dream she has: “Named after the Operation Lifesaver film I watched as a young child about train safety, “David’s Run” depicts a recurring nightmare I experience where I am being hit by a slow moving train, but I wake up before impact. This piece […]

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Benjamin Rickevicius – “Saxophone Quartet: Leaving Day” – Young Composer Score Call

Benjamin Rickevicius’s “Saxophone Quartet: Leaving Day” is a charming and well-structured piece, that clearly exists more in the composer’s head than in the MIDI realization.  The score can be found here, and the MIDI realization, that will sound much better and more fluid in real life, can be found here: The composer clearly has a […]

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“A Complaint” – Young Composer Score Call

Composer 1’s work “A Complaint” is based on William Wordsworth’s poem of the same title.  Please view the score here and listen to it below. This work has an apt sense of gesture, time, and structure.  The opening gestures of the work return to us at the end, in a “bookending” format.  However, the opening […]

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