Score and Audio Call January – Results!

The January score and audio call yielded many submissions, all of great quality.  Even though many great works were turned down due to the needs of programming on this blog, we are proud to announce that the following pieces will be featured.  Pieces will be analyzed and posted approximately every 2 weeks.

Name Piece What our readers are going to primarily learn
Aaron Mencher Uncertainly Yours Athematic, arhythmic unity
Antonio D’Amato Körper Genesis from a single idea
Aya SB Coalescence Fragmentation
Brian Riordan The Moon Is Drifting Away from The Earth, Don’t Think About it Turning the acoustic into the electronic-sounding
Brianna Drevlow David’s Run Sound world creation through processing
Chad Powers A Blade Within Timbral, textural, and spatial fluidity
Dale Osterman Ouroboros Freedom and melody/noise juxtaposition
David T. Bridges This Fragmented Old Man Pulse and dramatic fluidity
Diogo Carvalho Reveal Deconstruction and reconstruction
Fernando Laub Universes Symphonic approach to electronic music
Gísli Magnússon Svartifoss Atmospheric, abstract texture
Heather Stebbins minim Volume manipulation and timbral density
Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie Pole, Steam, Tree, Glass Poetic form
John Wiggins STRING II Depth and variety of sound
Kyle Grimm Pitchforks and Crow’s Feet Deep understanding of instrumentation
Lydia Jane Pugh Voul-ous enne p’tite goute? Stylistic balancing
Matthew Kennedy Until I Say When Crystalline texture
Mitch Weakley Keys, Strings, Clothespins Space and spaciousness
Reilly Spitzfaden Resonances Precise imprecision and the gesture
Scott Blasco Queen of Heaven Transforming both time and instrument
Timothy Lee Miller Divinitus Textural and contrapuntal fluidity

Thank you to all who submitted, and congratulations to those who were selected!

Stay tuned for more on these works,


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