I blog from time to time about life as a composer, musician, and arts administrator, and reiterate many key qualities and skills one should aspire to have.  There is one skill that I advise readers to learn, but one that I don’t consistently follow through: stop, breathe, relax.  If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in two days, it is because I’m trying to integrate stopping, breathing, and relaxing into my life.  I’m still going guns blazing in general, but I’m trying to be a better person to myself.

Here are some things that help me stop, breathe, and relax.  It is good for all of us working musicians (and people in general) to know what helps us stop, breathe, and relax:

  1. Watching nerdy TV shows, like The Librarians.  Yes, even the title is nerdy.  There is nothing more relaxing after a long day than an adult beverage and a show that is a mashup of Sherlock Holmes, sci-fi, fantasy, art history, quantum mechanics, theft, and hand-to-hand combat in an awkward, geeky kind of way.  I highly recommend this show to anyone who is nerdy and socially awkward (like me).
  2. Being with animals.  Right now my cat Summer is curled up in my lap, soundly sleeping.  I literally can’t move and I am slowly but surely overheating.  But, this is love, right?  In all honesty, it really can’t get any better than this.
  3. Spending time with family.  Whether it is introducing my parents’ dog to the wonders of blueberries, taking advantage of my brother’s cache of Nerds Rope, drinking wine with my dad, talking with my mom about her latest winter bike ride, or visiting my fiance’s side of the family, I have grown to appreciate the many ways that I am privileged to have a family, and such a relatively drama-free one, at that (and most of the time, there is delicious food involved, if you haven’t noticed).

Anyways, I’ll be back in the swing of things tomorrow, but I am finally taking my own advice and taking time off.