Help music and dance students afford high-quality arts education

Hi All,

This being Giving Tuesday and all, I would like to speak about something at my job that I am proud of.

The Hartt Community Division‘s mission is:

Enriching lives through innovative and unparalleled performing arts education

The aspect of pride I wish to discuss is our Fund For Access (FFA).  This is a need-based financial aid program that awards students based on a sliding-scale:

“The purpose of the Fund for Access financial-aid program ensures that children whose families demonstrate financial need can participate in our life-changing programs. Financial aid supports student participation in private music lessons, ensembles, and dance classes.”

We have a thorough review process that takes into account many factors, to ensure that our families are afforded the best opportunities to work with our faculty, perform on our stages, and succeed in achieving their goals.  (As you know, success isn’t just being a star performer; for some students, success means having a good attitude, and for others it means doing something that others doubted they could do.)

I was fortunate to grow up in a family that ensured I could pursue my musical inclinations, but for many families music or dance education is not feasible without significant external funding.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Fund for Access to help ensure that all may participate in our programs, regardless of financial limitations.  Every donation counts.

Happy Holidays,


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