Concert Announcement: Requiem Performance

Hi All,

I am sorry that I haven’t been able to post as much as I would like to recently.  The reason for my absence (and the reason I will be able to post more in roughly 2 weeks) is that I have been preparing for the performance of my Master of Music in Composition Thesis performance.

The piece is a requiem, lasting 50+ minutes and scored for SATB soloists, saxophone quartet, rock band, and fixed and interactive audiovisual media.  It is a huge undertaking, but based on the rehearsals we have had, it should be a very energizing night of music.

This requiem is for animals, not humans, and centers around the idea that we invite animals into our circle of humanity and they invite us into their circle of nature as well.  This piece is an homage to our animals, and the bonds we share with them.  (This doesn’t necessarily mean just pets, but rather, any animal that has had an impact on our lives–or us on theirs–is fair game.)

The energetic music fuses early music and progressive rock, while having fixed media interludes as well.  The SATB (singer) soloists’ microphone signals will also trigger randomly selected images of animals that have had an impact on people’s lives, which were crowdsourced this summer and resulted in 241 poignant images.

I am trying to pay the all-star musicians (including our conductor) as much as I can, even though that is still not enough in my eyes.  If you would like to contribute to paying the musicians, please consider visiting the project’s funding page:  We are so close to our goal!

Here are the details:


fraternity with all those good and beautiful things

a requiem

music by Dan Lis

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Millard Auditorium, The Hartt School

University of Hartford

  • SATB soloists
  • Saxophone quartet
  • Rock band
  • Fixed and live audio media
  • Live visual media

(a masters thesis)

there will be pictures of cats

chances are that you know one of the performers

(no charge)

Here is the poster: Requiem poster

I look forward to returning to more composition technique posts soon, but this has been a very fulfilling project so far.



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