Composer’s Toolbox is back!

Hi All,

I firstly want to apologize for dropping off the face of the planet.  I took a long time away from my massive use of the internet to focus on my craft.  Consider it a spiritual journey to the heart of my art — like a meditative voyage or sojourn.

In that time, I have:

  1. Improved my music and professionalism
  2. Released more music (including CDs)
  3. Become the Registrar at The Hartt School Community Division
  4. Started my Masters in Composition program at The Hartt School
  5. Taken on a medium-sized teaching load, and then divested it due to mental health issues (working full time + teaching + school wore me down)
  6. Gotten engaged
  7. Started down a path to balancing it all better

I’m ready to return to Composer’s Toolbox.  The seed of this idea was planted after talking with Nina Miller and hearing her haunting song cycle a month or two later.

It’s time to get back to this now that I feel more confident about my art and am achieving a semblance of balance.

Stay tuned for more writings!  I will now go through the comments that were left unmoderated and respond away.



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