An Audio Production Soon to be Released; Stay Tuned…

Hi All,

I’m currently scoring an audiobook, and we’re nearly ready to release the Prologue, a short teaser to gather interest as we proceed with production and turn out each installment of the book.  The shell of the website is up on, and we aim to have it filled with concept art, music, backstory, and much more extra content soon.  About the production:

This isn’t an author reading his/her book to you; it has sound design, voice acting, music, ambience, and much more–everything to make the experience of listening enthralling.  The project, entitled The Will of the Dragons, is a fantasy-themed story that follows a small group of characters attempting to free dragons from their enslavement in a human-dominated realm.  But, this isn’t a G-rated fairy tale.  The production highlights combat, emotional struggles, depraved cultures, and mentally corrupted villains.  We have a dedicated production team and a host of great actors, so we hope you’ll enjoy the product as it’s released!

By the way, this does relate to composition in general (this isn’t just shameless self-promotion, haha): it’s an example of collaboration, writing music for media, fitting music to specified moods, characters, themes, and time constraints, and the various jobs composers can do (I’m composing, web designing, and partially producing at the moment, and a composer friend of mine is one of the voice actors for this production).

I really hope you’ll give the Prologue a listen (for free, of course) once it’s out!

Thanks for reading,


The Will of the Dragons

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