Score Call in Honor of the John Cage Centennial

I was forwarded this score call from Scott Comanzo, one of the directing figures in the Generous Ensemble* (  This is a score call requiring massive (i.e. hundreds) of composers, in order to compose variations on Satie’s Vexations in honor of the John Cage centennial (since Cage was such a champion of Satie).  I have attached the PDF of the score call, and it can also be found online here:  Basically, if you are interested in this project and have time to write a few seconds of music (literally a few seconds), then please send your letter of intent to the Generous Ensemble (per the score call).  Also, please spread this far and wide; this requires a huge volume of composers, so even if you’re not interested in participating, please pass this to those who might be interested.

The Cage100 score call PDF

*The Generous Ensemble (the performers for this project) are superb and innovative performers, champions of new music from around the U.S. and beyond.  Please check them out!

Happy Composing!


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